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Monday, May 08, 2006

Getting your embedded image somewhere


Use SDILoader to create one SDI file, copy hte Pre-FBA image to the mounted SDI disk
Use SDIMGR to do more stuff to transfer the image on another SDI file (I'll have to look that up and get back to you).

SDI2HD - 16 bit thing

Winternals: Remote Recover (www.internals.com)
Designed for the IT world... connect to a remote PC and mount the hard drive to a host (NIC must have DOS driver) hmmm...

Deploy to CompactFlash:
IDE-to-CF adapter, FAT file system recommended, may require manufacturer utility, use EWF, etc.

Deploy to uDiskOnChip
can use M-Systems uDoc
you need a system that can boot you USB 2.0
check out www.m-sys.com get utilities there

fun, fun, fun....

Deploy to CD-ROM
requires Enhance Write Filter (EWF), Plug-N-Play Device Enumerator, and El-Torito CD components
etc., etc....

Remote Network Booting
TFTP and Remote Boot Manager
PXE service
etc., etc.....

tired of typing......


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