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Monday, May 08, 2006

Back in the seminar room... Nice digs

The Venetian is sweet! I booked my own travel so I'm in the Super 8 Las Vegas. It is only a 15-20 walk. I may take a cab at night. But I do have my throw and run money clip, so I could save some cab fare.

Back to the seminar:

Target designer -
When you are checking component relationships, check the Auto-resolve dependencies box or you can go through each line generated by hand... there are a lot.

Tip: start with the smallest feature set possible and add from there. (embedded remember)

You can use an estimate footprint for a component to let you know if you want to add it or not.
You can build a component that has only the subset of an existing component if you want to.

Tip: Minimum 512K device. But if you need fancy stuff you need a whole bunch. Build the app, test, trial and error, empirical analysis.... just figure it out.

Guess: Multimedia - min 1G+

Build Options: The debug build is for Microsoft internal development and there is no license configuration. You can get a product identification key from MS and a list of stickers to put on your devices. Without a key, your build will time bomb on you.
You should probably just use Release if you can.

tired of typing......


  • Hi Wade, regarding the debug/release, we don't even use it internally to MS. We enabled the tools to support it, but never released the repository of files for it. Here's an article from Lynda on our blog discussing the history around this confusing issue


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon May 08, 04:36:00 PM EDT  

  • Thanks Andy, I'm glad you are around to point me in the right direction.

    By Blogger wade, at Tue May 09, 02:40:00 PM EDT  

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