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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Prius Mileage

I just updated my spread sheet for my Prius mileage.
Excluding anomalies: I get about 42 MPG.

I have to stop racing Suburbans with 455's.

Bad, bad Wade.


  • Yeah, but just imagine the mileage those Suburbans suffer when they race you.

    What kind of anomalies are you excluding? Aside from having someone siphon gas out of your tank, what's wrong with total mileage divided by total gallons of gas?

    By Blogger Rich, at Wed Jul 06, 07:49:00 PM EDT  

  • Yeah, they eventually win, but they are surprised when I beat them at first.

    The anomalies are missing gas receipts. (or gas siphoning gnomes)

    By Blogger wade, at Thu Jul 07, 11:21:00 AM EDT  

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