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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Visual Studio Home: Visual Studio 2005 Team System Modeling Strategy and FAQ

(Incomplete) Thoughts about the MSDN article: Visual Studio Home: Visual Studio 2005 Team System Modeling Strategy and FAQ

What About UML?
I agree that UML is actually used on whiteboards, notebooks, scraps of paper and cocktail napkins. It is rarely a software artifact. When UML is used as documentation (which is an excellent use for it) it is too often generated from the code and just stuck in a document making it nearly unusable. In my view UML is meant to get the idea across not to be the code.

What About MDA?
A quote from the article: "MDA is a brand licensed to the OMG that is based on using UML for model-driven development. It places a strong emphasis on platform independent models and generative techniques. " Since it is based on UML it is, in my humble opinion, not useful as a full fledged code artifact.

Martin Folwer's take on MDA from February 2004.

What Are Software Factories?
mmm.... "home banking applications" I can't wait. Dangit, I thought it was baking applications.

"Building a factory is a lot like building a framework. It involves harvesting and implementing patterns and other best practices to make them easy for developers to apply. Using a factory is more efficient than building systems by hand from scratch because instead of scanning through catalogs and repositories, hoping to find reusable components, developers using a factory have reusable components appropriate for each aspect of the system under development immediately available in the context of the system architecture and development process."

Wow! I've seen some bad frameworks in the past. And now we all get to make our own crappy factory? Hmmm...... I have to go work on this first hand. (back soon)

more to come... (maybe)

By the way, I prefer not to use the draft feature for a piece like this because there could be some comments along the way that I might otherwise miss and might make the piece better on the whole.


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