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Friday, June 10, 2005

Does God exits? (can god exit if it doesn't exist, I need to go take a shit)

Let's look at these web sites shall we:











You know what? Shut the fuck up! There is no god and there never was!

Fucking moronic bastards!

Oh my goodness, that was woefully pejorative was it not? I meant to say mindless fodder. Or something similar... Fuck you all!!!!! Very much!!!

We live in a christian nation ruled by a christian dictator. It is all your fault. Assholes.


  • I think one of the main reasons god continues to exist as a meme is that those of us who don't believe don't find it worth debating. Since Occam's razor is all I really need to satisfy myself on the question, what's the point in a discussion? And what kind of "discussion" are we likely to get? The bible is the only quotable "source," and that's really just a bunch of ultra-violent folk tales concocted by old men sitting around thinking about how best to subjugate a populace. Priests are the original shock jocks. Churches are the original HBO. Playboy just did a good article on this topic ("The Meaning of It All," May, 2005) in which they consulted people like Simon Singh and Richard Dawkins. Here's an excerpt from Dawkins that sums it up pretty well: "First, religious beliefs are consoling. They promise comforting delusions such as life after death, a sexual paradise for martyrs and retribution in the next world. Second, religions enjoy a fast track down the generations--children are automatically indoctrinated with the religious beliefs of their parents." It's this second bit that really scares me. Having been raised in an almost totally secular household, it's shocking to witness my 3-year-old nephew pushing us to say grace before a meal. In the last year his parents up and joined a church, got the whole family baptised and started enrolling him in every church-related event you can think of. All I can think is they're intentionally brainwashing this kid. And for what? To fit in? To have more friends and connections?

    By Blogger Rich, at Fri Jun 10, 04:48:00 PM EDT  

  • 10b. The leprechaun told me it was good

    I thought for sure that would drive traffic to my site. All I got was Dr. Luv. Thanks for the comments Richard. I wish I could spell "Occam's razor."

    Your anecdote about your nephew is a lot like (only mostly different) than a story about my own daughter. We sent her to pre-school at a church because we are cheap and thought, *hey she needs to be exposed to this stuff sometime.* Well, we've had to say grace a few times now.

    By Blogger wade, at Sat Jun 11, 09:00:00 AM EDT  

  • for eveyone that I've offended, let's just say that was probably a manic phase.

    oh, and go fuck yourself

    By Blogger wade, at Sat Jun 11, 11:36:00 AM EDT  

  • "God don't make lonely girls"
    - The Wallflowers

    By Blogger wade, at Sat Jun 11, 01:18:00 PM EDT  

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