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Monday, June 13, 2005

Bush adopts new notion of states' rights

You gotta love the Houston Chronicle sometimes. Thanks Julie Mason for your insight.


  • Well - No one I know actually believed GWB was a REAL conservative. This, along with his refusal to enforce the law along the borders is simply more proof that he is a big government "middle of the roader" like his daddy.

    When will the GOP get some ACTUAL CONSERVATIVES elected??? They seem to have filled the niche that the Democrat party of the 60's used to fill. Of course the current Democrat party seems to have filled the niche that the socialist party of the 60's used to own. (do socialists actually own anything?)

    I would be a Libertarian except that goofy bunch seems to equate aspirin with heroin and crack. oh, well.

    By Anonymous brother steve, at Mon Jun 13, 02:37:00 PM EDT  

  • aspirin is for your head.
    heroin is for your head.
    crack is for your head.

    equation solved ;-)

    By Blogger wade, at Tue Jun 14, 02:46:00 PM EDT  

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