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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Face This

I finished my face painting. It really took an odd turn somewhere along the line.

Anyway, this is my attempt to paint me after planting my face through a window pane.

That was not the best feeling... no really.

I got this thing hanging in my cube at work. People don't come around quite as often as they used to. I had a co-worker in there for over an hour today. Not one word... hmmm....

I need a better painting I think.

One of these days I'm really going to figure out how to paint. But until then, this is what you get.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thank you to the blogger team

I'm here at the conference and blogger's spam-prevention robots have locked down my account access. While this is a slight inconvenience, I'm glad they do this sort of thing. I'm sure that since I kept linking to the conference web site that I got red flagged as a link spammer.

Lesson learned...

I've been reviewed and re-enabled

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not Hopper (really, I swear)

Here is some info and code that may or maynot be hopper.


App Stability -- Hit your software hard

Ever use hopper? This is a tool to hit your app hard and fast and randomly, oh my.
You need to have a plan (whatever that means) and you need to connect hopper to a debugger.
Generate and keep track of your hopper logs.


Is a source for hopper info.

Here is the plan:
base line - verify platform drivers and general system components - exit criteria 25 hrs
core - verify core components and other primary apps - exit criteria 25 hrs
integration - add complete list of all apps to test the device as a system - 25 hrs
stabilization - fixups and integration testing - 25 hrs

fun, eh?

Heading to Paris

My step-brother, who I've still only met by phone, got me a comp at the Paris Hotel.
I'm out of the Super 8!!!!

The MEDC conference is good so far. I just got out of a choosing the best data storage approach for your mobile app session. It was geared to beginners but had some good info.

Maybe I can plagerize some stuff from her slide deck later.

random link: http://www.opennetcf.org

off to lunch......

The Actual First Day of MEDC

Ok... so blogging in real time during a session or lab is hard to do. I miss too much info.
I just got out of the keynote and I will update stuff when I get a chance.

here is a random link

Monday, May 08, 2006

Getting your embedded image somewhere


Use SDILoader to create one SDI file, copy hte Pre-FBA image to the mounted SDI disk
Use SDIMGR to do more stuff to transfer the image on another SDI file (I'll have to look that up and get back to you).

SDI2HD - 16 bit thing

Winternals: Remote Recover (www.internals.com)
Designed for the IT world... connect to a remote PC and mount the hard drive to a host (NIC must have DOS driver) hmmm...

Deploy to CompactFlash:
IDE-to-CF adapter, FAT file system recommended, may require manufacturer utility, use EWF, etc.

Deploy to uDiskOnChip
can use M-Systems uDoc
you need a system that can boot you USB 2.0
check out www.m-sys.com get utilities there

fun, fun, fun....

Deploy to CD-ROM
requires Enhance Write Filter (EWF), Plug-N-Play Device Enumerator, and El-Torito CD components
etc., etc....

Remote Network Booting
TFTP and Remote Boot Manager
PXE service
etc., etc.....

tired of typing......

Back in the seminar room... Nice digs

The Venetian is sweet! I booked my own travel so I'm in the Super 8 Las Vegas. It is only a 15-20 walk. I may take a cab at night. But I do have my throw and run money clip, so I could save some cab fare.

Back to the seminar:

Target designer -
When you are checking component relationships, check the Auto-resolve dependencies box or you can go through each line generated by hand... there are a lot.

Tip: start with the smallest feature set possible and add from there. (embedded remember)

You can use an estimate footprint for a component to let you know if you want to add it or not.
You can build a component that has only the subset of an existing component if you want to.

Tip: Minimum 512K device. But if you need fancy stuff you need a whole bunch. Build the app, test, trial and error, empirical analysis.... just figure it out.

Guess: Multimedia - min 1G+

Build Options: The debug build is for Microsoft internal development and there is no license configuration. You can get a product identification key from MS and a list of stickers to put on your devices. Without a key, your build will time bomb on you.
You should probably just use Release if you can.

tired of typing......

Links n stuff (MEDC still)

The embedded team blog site http://blogs.msdn.com/embedded/

This guy Andy Allred is the man with the answers http://blogs.msdn.com/embedded/articles/400224.aspx

I'm digging the box lunch too.

more to come....

Still using Target Designer

Look at the User Interface Core component and check off what you want in the UI. Run dependency check again. Then build that puppy.

(don't use Debug build setting. use Release)

We put a small splash screen boot.bmp under the windows directory of our build and a modified boot.ini in the main directory.

Copy this to the XPe Pro SP2 VM and close that down.

We opened the target VM and it worked!

Sorry not a lot of info here... I'll put some links in a bit...

MEDC2006 back to Component Designer

We made our sld (sled) file. Now we are importing the sld file into Component Database Manager and now back to Target Designer... are you following along, I'm trying.

A new configuration in Target Designer.
Add our new component and 2 other components Runtime Quick Start Helper Macro and Information Appliance.

do a dependency check. wait for it...... wait for it... its almost there.... done!


wanna see a log file?

are you sure....?

no you don't

MEDC 2006 hands on XPe TAP & Component Designer

So we just ran the Target Analyzer Probe to create a devices.pmq file. Now we are getting into Component Designer. We're importing the pmq file. You want to create a log file (same dir if you want). This could take a while....

I'm in Vegas baby!

The Mobile & Embedded DevCon 2006 is having the pre-conf tutorials today. I'm in the middle of the hands on lab for XP embedded. This is not the main reason for my being here. I'm going down the Mobile Development track, but I think the embedded stuff is cool, neat, nifty, whatever.

Maybe I'll keep posting about this thing.

We are using Microsoft Target Designer and a couple of Virtual PCs to test this stuff out.


Saturday, November 12, 2005

New Job

I got a new gig at Circuit City at the Richmond HQ.
I'm diggin' it.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Very funny:

Go to google type in "failure" and press the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.
It always makes me chuckle.

WORDLAB | TOOLS | name-it-yourself naming tools for names

Fun stuff for nameing things.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

dickdiamond.com: The Point Escapes Me, But Something is Definitely Going on Here

Richard never fails to scare me.